Local Npm module grunt not found

Seeing this error: Local Npm module grunt not found?


"devDependencies": {
"grunt-contrib-watch": "",
"grunt-contrib-clean": "",
"grunt-contrib-jshint": "",
"grunt-contrib-connect": "~0.3.0",
"grunt-mocha-test": "",
"grunt-nodemon": "",
"grunt-docular": "",
"matchdep": "",
"mocha": "",
"should": "",
"sinon": "",
"karma": "",
"supertest": "",
"grunt-concurrent": "~0.3.0",
"grunt-exec": "~0.4.2"


  • grunt install dev dependencies
  • npm install
  • check all your dev dependencies are correct and if they have no version then there might be something wrong with grabbing the latest version of the package.
  • Something like this could be the cuplrit!

npm install grunt-mocha-test


To try an older version do this:

npm install grunt-mocha-test@0.7.0

Install Node: https://npmjs.org/doc/install.html