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If you love Node then you probably have a man crush on TJ Holowaychuk. Here is a collection of internet links to what is the node.js phenomenon of tjholowaychuk.




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“Im TJ Holowaychuk, I am 23 years old and I own Vision Media here in Victoria BC. I specialize in all sorts of things, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, C / C++, bash, etc etc, I do tons of theming and photography work as well. I worked on Drupal core for quite some time, then moved on to ruby because I hate PHP. I wrote the Drupal Performance book for Packt, wrote “Advanced JavaScript” for, created JSpec BDD for JavaScript, sass.js, yaml.js, Express (nodejs web framework), kiwi package manager for nodejs, commander / evolution for ruby and tons of other open source work.”.

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